Class Registrations & Try-outs

Class Registration & Try-outs




We use a seperate website for our online class registrations called iClass.

There is a link ito iClass in the table below.

iClass - Our online class registration portal Registration Portal



How to register for for one of our free try-out class.


To register for one of our free try-out classes you will need to follow this link below, or click on the 'Membership' tab above, and register your child, or yourself, as a 'Try Dive' member.

This is free of charge and just to ensure that you are covered by our insurance.


Once you have registered as a member of RDC you will need to follow this link to our online class registration website (iClass).

Here you will need to create an account for yourself, and then you will need to add the diver, either your child or yourself, to the account.

Once you have complete the step above you can then select which class to enroll for.


If you are unsure about which class to register for please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.



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