Why choose Diving?

Why should I choose Diving?

  • Develops strength and flexibility
  • Instills a sense of courage and overcoming of fears
  • Encourages children to achieve fundamental developmental milestones like proprioception, balance, hopping, rolling, landing, bending and stretching, twisting and turning
  • Builds physical and mental stamina - setting and achieving goals is very important for everyone
  • Teaches humility, concentration, determination, patience, persistence, mental toughness, time management (fitting homework in around training times)
  • Promotes teamwork (synchronised diving, supporting and encouraging team mates), a sense of belonging and the skill to relate to and cooperate with others, independent of age, culture, background, ethnicity, ability or disability
  • Not seasonal or dependent on weather
  • A wonderful way to get fit and stay off the couch!


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