Operations Manager & Head Coach Philip Wood
Coaching Director & Senior Coach Rohan Blake
MLC Program Manager & Senior Coach  Robert Simone
Coach Level 1 Yashoda DeSilva  
Coach Level 1 Caitlin Murphy
Coach Level 1 Emily Foord
Coach Level 1 Olivia Kloss
Coach Level 1 Blake Connors  
Coach Level 1 Ella Calder  
Coach Level 1 Penelope Waymark  
Coach Level 1 Ellyse Byrne  
Coach Level 1 Matthew Azzopardi  


RDC Coaching Staff


Philip Wood

ASA Level 2 Diving Coach, NCAS Level 2 Diving Coach, NCAS Water Harness accredited, GNVQ Recreational Gym Based Exercise, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher, ASA Level 1 Disability Aquatic Teacher

I started my coaching career in England at Harrogate District Diving Club which is where I was a diver as a child. I started coaching as a teenager once I had stopped diving to compete in Rugby. As a junior rugby player, I was part of a successful team and regularly played representative rugby, finishing with one of my last game against Australia before retiring at 19 years old. During my Rugby days I was a regular diving coach at HDDC before leaving England to live in Australia, Where I have coached for Diving Victoria, RDC, Slipstream and then returned to RDC in 2017 as Senior Coach. During my time working at Slipstream Diving Club I took up Olympic weightlifting which I went on to represent Australia for on 3 occasions and doing so winning 4 Victorian Senior titles, 4 Silvers at the Australian senior Championships and one Bronze medal representing Australia in 2017. 

As a diving coach I have coached all levels in Australia with divers both medaling at Age and Junior Championships. Some of my fondest coaching memories come from coaching some of the current RDC coaches you see coaching each week, Over the years I have coached Lauren and Kiki to junior nationals and Corey, Robert, Ellyse, Catherine, Billie and Emily to multiple Age Nationals.

My personal proudest sporting achievements will always be in weightlifting where I have competed for Australia at the Pacific Games and came second at the 2018 Commonwealth games Trials.

Robert Simone

Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise Science & Nutrition), Graduate Certificate Business (Sport Management), NCAS Level 2 Diving Coach

I had my first diving lesson back in 2004, in the old ringwood pool before it became Aquanation over 10 years later.

I started to dive competitively in 2009 when I competed at my first Australian Age National Championships in Melbourne. I kept diving throughout my whole high school years and into university, with my last Australian Age National Championships in 2014 which was back once again in Melbourne. All up I competed at 6 Australian Age National Championships, over 10 RDC Club Championships and countless Pennants over that time.

Rohan Blake


Caitlin Murphy


Olivia Kloss


Ella Calder


Matthew Azzorpardi


Emily Foord

Qualifications include: Level 1 Diving Coach, pool lifeguard supervisor, fighting fit for life boxing certificate, Diploma of sport development, certificate 3 in fitness and currently completing certificate 4 in fitness.


I started diving with Ringwood Diving Club in 2010 when I was 9 years old, at that time, and had no experience at all. I started coaching with RDC in 2019. I started coaching because of the love and passion I have for the sport and sport in general as it reflects on what I want to do when I’m older. Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of sports, such as: diving, athletics, cross country, netball, acrobatics and a little bit of tennis and footy. A coaching goal for me is to help my divers pursue their dreams and goals and to get them where they want to be.


Over all the years I’ve been a part of RDC I have had many coaches and many memorable moments. For me, being a part of RDC is nothing like any other sport I’ve done in the past or any other job I’ve had, to me it’s like a family, which is a very special quality to have in life.


Within my time at RDC, I have qualified for 8 national age championships since 2014 and competed at SSV in 2019. Over the years I’ve been coached by Phil, Rob, Corey, Lauren, Erin, Kim, Jorgen and Angus. 


My personal sporting achievements over the years would be in athletics and diving where I mostly specialise in platform. A lot of my favourite moments from diving come from travelling with the RDC team to Australian Age National Championships, New Zealand's Diving National Championships and the annual Mildura Rip 'n' Tear competition.

Blake Connors


Penelope Waymark


Yashoda DeSilva




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