Our Holiday Clinic will run from 29 March to 10 April

This clinic is geared towards Beginner and intermediate divers. No previous experience is necessary, but you MUST be confident in deep water. A flyer can be downloaded here

We have 2 options daily:

9:30 – 11:00am is for beginner divers and younger divers who struggle to do the entire session, but intermediate divers are welcome to do just this option as well.

9:30am – 1:00pm is for those who would like to do a bit more and really learn some great skills. We will do a combination of Dryland and Water training. There will be a break at 11:00am for a snack.

You may pick and choose options which suit you. If you change your mind and wish to stay longer on a particular day, you may request that on the day. If we have space available we will accommodate you.

What to bring:

  1. Bather
  2. Towel
  3. Water bottle
  4. Shorts and
  5. t-shirt for dyland work
  6. Snack if you are staying until 1:00



  • $28 per day for Beginners (9:30am -11:00am) or $45 per day for 9:30am - 1:00pm
  • Aquanation POOL ENTRY ($4.30 PER DAY) - or ask at reception for a multi-visit pass

Classes are all subject to minimum numbers. If classes are cancelled you will be offered a make-up class or a refund.

All registrations are done online. Please follow this link, log in (or create a new account) and then click on April Holiday Clinics on the left. New divers register in the Fullard Learn to Dive Program

2016 Victorian Age Championships

Medal Tally

  • 8 Gold
  • 6 Silver
  • 5 Bronze
Girls 11/Under 1m (Q140)
2 Olivia Roche 156.50
Girls 11/Under 3m (Q130)
1 Olivia Roche 199.15
Girls 11/Under Platform (Q80)
2 Olivia Roche 98.65
Girls 12/13 1m (Q155)
6 Piper Bennett 155.25
Girls 12/13 3m (Q145)
4 Piper Bennett 166.40
Girls 12/13 Platform (Q120)
4 Piper Bennett 131.60
Girls 14/15 1m (Q195)
2 Billie Bennett 248.15
4 Jenna Healy 232.50
10 Anjali Jackson 198.85
13 Emily Foord 182.30
15 Alice Anderson 169.45
Girls 14/15 3m (Q190)
2 Billie Bennett 221.95
3 Anjali Jackson 216.25
9 Jenna Healy 194.20
10 Emily Foord 190.95
14 Alice Anderson 148.35
Girls 14/15 Platform (Q155)
3 Anjali Jackson 183.65
8 Emily Foord 164.50
Girls 16/18 1m (Q220)
3 Sophia James 259.05
Girls 16/18 3m (Q225)
3 Sophia James 273.10
Girls 16/18 Platform (Q180)
2 Sophia James 228.40
Womens 19/29 1m (Q180)
2 Rachel Woolley 158.00
Womens 19/29 3m (Q180)
1 Rachel Woolley 185.20
Womens 19/29 Platform (Q138)
1 Rachel Woolley 139.95
Womens 30/49 1m (Q138)
1 Michelle Lanigan 105.70
Womens 30/49 3m (Q138)
1 Michelle Lanigan 92.45
Mens 19/29 1m (Q180)
1 Corey Bruno 239.80
Mens 19/29 3m (Q180)
1 Corey Bruno 259.20
Girls 13/Under 3m Synchro
1 Olivia Roche & Piper Bennett 144.78
Girls 14/18 3m Synchro
3 Billie Bennett & Jenna Healy 155.76
5 Sophia James & Anjali Jackson 130.32
(8) Emily Foord & Alice Anderson 107.43 (guests)

15-16 Victorian Pennant Series Week 4 - MSAC - Sunday, 14 February 2016

Several of our divers competed at the Pennant. For several of RDC divers it was their first competition. All in all some great results and a lot of fun. See the results:

15-16 Victorian Pennant Series Week 4 - MSAC - Sunday, 14 February 2016
Pennant Level 1 Springboard (Q55)
1 P 70.20 WILSON, Benjamin (2006) -- Ringwood Diving Club
3 P 56.50 REEVES, Shailey (2007) -- Ringwood Diving Club
4 P 56.00 BAGIARTAKIS, Mia (2005) -- Ringwood Diving Club
5 54.00 HALE, Harry (2004) -- Ringwood Diving Club
6 52.50 HOLDEN, Samuel (2004) -- Ringwood Diving Club
8= 47.50 HARRISON, Tully (2007) -- Ringwood Diving Club
10 31.50 REEVES, Declan (2010) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 2 Springboard (Q70)
(1) P 79.30 YOUREN, Kathryn (2000) -- Ringwood Diving Club (guest)
Pennant Level 3 Springboard (Q85)
2 P 89.05 CRAIN, Daniel (2005) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 4 Springboard (Q105)
1 98.00 ANDERSON, Alice (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 5 Springboard (Q140)
Pennant Level 6 Springboard (Q165)
4 162.80 ROCHE, Olivia (2005) -- Ringwood Diving Club
5 160.20 FURMAN, Darcy (2002) -- Ringwood Diving Club
8 147.10 BENNETT, Piper (2003) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 7 Springboard (Q200)
6 158.25 FOORD, Emily (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 8 Springboard (Q240)
5= 233.95 SOUTH, Alia (2003) -- Ringwood Diving Club
7 232.95 HEALY, Jenna (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
8 228.50 JACKSON, Anjali (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
9 227.70 BENNETT, Billie (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 9 Springboard (Q290/300)
2 262.95 JAMES, Sophia (2000) -- Ringwood Diving Club
4 318.45 MICHAEL, Christophe (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Open Womens Springboard (Q180/210)
1 173.15 FOORD, Rachel (1998) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 4 Platform (Q105)
3 104.60 ROCHE, Olivia (2005) -- Ringwood Diving Club
5 96.50 FURMAN, Darcy (2002) -- Ringwood Diving Club
8 91.10 BENNETT, Piper (2003) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Level 6 Platform (Q165)
2 142.15 FOORD, Emily (2001) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Synchro 4 Dives
2 152.10 JACKSON, Anjali (2001) + JAMES, Sophia (2000) -- Ringwood Diving Club
3 142.77 ROCHE, Olivia (2005) + BENNETT, Piper (2003) -- Ringwood Diving Club
Pennant Synchro 6 Dives
3 200.31 SOUTH, Alia (2003) + BROWNE, Lizzie (2003) -- Ringwood Diving Club + PLC Aquatic

Pan Pacific Masters at the Gold Coast 5-13 November 2016

Compete in diving at the 10th biennial Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games held from 5 – 13 November 2016 on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Diving will be held at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 November 2016 with the minimum age for competition set at 19 years of age. Entries open Thursday 5 November 2015. Click here for more information

Oceania Championships at Aquanation - December 2015 (source:

Day 1: Duo shrug off injury to qualify more Olympic diving spots for Australia

Divers Grant Nel and Brittany Broben have put their injury battles behind them to qualify two more spots for Australia at next year’s Rio Olympics.

Nel, who was warned by doctors earlier this year he might not walk again if he continued to dive, edged out Beijing platform gold medalist, Matthew Mitcham, to win the men’s 3-metre springboard at the Oceania Championships in Melbourne.

The lead changed on several occasions during the final, but neither diver was able to stamp their authority. Nel eventually won, 490 to Mitcham’s 482.30. New Zealand’s Liam Stone finished third.

And London silver medalist, Brittany Broben, put her long battle with shoulder problems behind her to win the women’s platform.

Broben went into the final as the second-ranked diver, after fellow Queenslander Emily Meaney finished on top in the semi-final.

But she was untroubled in the final, finishing with 364.70, with promising Western Australian diver tag Williamson second with 313.85.

The results mean Australia will now have two divers in the men’s springboard and the women’s platform, after James Connor and Melissa Wu secured quota spots when they made the finals at this year’s World Championships.

They already have two divers in the women’s 3-metre at next year’s Olympics, after both Esther Qin and Maddison Keeney made the Kazan final.

Australia will look to complete their individual quota list on Sunday in the men’s platform. Domonic Bedggood earned one spot at the World Championships.

The team has already earned a women’s springboard synchro quota, after Samantha Mills and Esther Qin won bronze in Kazan. They combined again to win the Oceania gold medal on Saturday, but finished less than one point ahead of fellow Australians, Anabelle Smith and Maddison Keeney.

Australia will look to claim the remaining synchro spots - the men’s and women’s platform, and the men’s 3-metre - at next year’s Rio World Cup.

The final Olympic team will be decided at next year’s Australian Championships in May.

Day 2:Conner adds next piece in Olympic diving puzzle

James Connor has added the final individual quota spot for the Australian diving team for next year’s Rio Olympics with victory in the men’s platform final at the Oceania Championships in Melbourne.

The Victorian, who currently studies and competes in the United States, finished with 490.15 points, well ahead of second place Kurtis Mathews on 395.20.

Connor’s win means Australia will have two divers in every individual event at next year’s Olympics.

Other Olympic quotas on the weekend were achieved by Brittany Broben (platform) and Grant Nel (springboard)

Connor himself secured Australia’s first 3-metre quota at this year’s World Championships in Kazan. Domonic Bedggood secured the first men’s platform quota at the same event.

Other quota spots in Kazan were secured by Esther Qin and Maddison Keeney in the 3-metre, and Melissa Wu in the women’s platform.

Australia’s Samantha Mills and Qin also qualified a quota for the women’s 3-metre synchro in Kazan, but will have to wait until next year’s World Cup in Rio to try and qualify in the men’s 3-metre and platform synchro, and the women’s platform synchro.

The final Olympic squad will be decided at the Australian Championships in May.

In other events on Sunday, Anabelle Smith won the 3-metre springboard final, finishing just ahead of her Commonwealth Games teammate, Georgia Sheehan.

Melissa Wu and Brittany Broben teamed up to win the women’s platform synchro, while Matthew Carter and Ross Todd won the men’s 3-metre synchro.


Pacific School Games - December 2015

Over the past week our divers have been competiting in the PSG competition in Adelaide. This is a fantastic event in which athletes from many sports in the Pacific region come together in a fun but competitive environment, much like the Commonweath Games. Divers are all students at schools and represent their State. The Ringwood Divers did really well. We will catch up with them on their return and include their thoughts and experience of this event. Here aret he summarised results of the Ringwood Divers who represented Victoria:

Name Event Placing Score
Christophe Michael 1 meter 14 years Boys 6th 195.65
Christophe Michael 3 meter 14 years Boys 6th 195.65
Christophe Michael 13-14 years platform Boys GOLD 208.35
Christophe Michael (& Ethan Delany) 13-14 years Synchro 4th 176.19
Scotia Mullin 17-19 years 1m Boys GOLD 388.55
Scotia Mullin 17-19 years 3m Boys GOLD 380.65
Scotia Mullin 17-19 years Platform Boys GOLD 376.50
Scotia Mullin (& Allie Klein) 17-19 years Platform Boys GOLD 252.93
Ethan Newnham 13 years 1m Boys SILVER 193.90
Ethan Newnham 13 years 3m Boys 4th 189.05
Ethan Newnham 13-14 years Platform Boys 6th 195.80
Ethan Newnham (& Shiori Bak) 13-14 years Platform Boys SILVER 179.19
Joshua Sist 15 years 1m Boys SILVER 245.39
Joshua Sist 15 years 3m Boys SILVER 227.20
Joshua Sist (& Lachlan Cronin) 15-16 years Synchro SILVER 226.83
Billie Bennett 1 meter 14 years Girls 6th 188.90
Billie Bennett 3 meter 16 years Girls 6th 253.40
Billie Bennett & Jenna Healy 13-14 years Synchro 4th 157.32
Jenna Healy 1 meter 16 years Girls 6th 251.45
Jenna Healy 3 meter 14 years Girls 13th 142.10
Charlotte Hallson 1 meter 11 years Girls 9th 111.15
Charlotte Hallson 3 meter 11 years Girls 5th 124.25
Charlotte Hallson (& Lizzi Brown) 10-12 years Synchro 10th 113.43
Olivia Roche 1 meter 11 years Girls 7th 103.50
Olivia Roche 3 meter 11 years Girls 8th 113.43
Olivia Roche (& Lea Malina) 10-12 years Synchro 9th 114.48
Rachel Foord 1 meter 17-19 years Girls 4th 314.10
Rachel Foord 3 meter 17-19 years Girls 4th 365.95
Rachel Foord Platform 17-19 years Girls BRONZE 287.20
Rachel Foord (& Maddy Wagg) 17-19 years Synchro SILVER 229.50
Alia South 1 meter 12 years Girls GOLD 167.85
Alia South 3 meter 12 years Girls 5th 170.35
Alia South Platform 10-12 years Girls BRONZE 148.60
Alia South (& Isobelle Brosnahan) 10-12 years Synchro 4th 133.08
Results PSG Adelaide 2015


Anabelle Smith - RDC Life Member

A 2012 London Olympian who started diving at the age of 11 at Ringwood Diving Club. An all round sporty kid, Anabelle fell into diving and quickly climbed the ranks of the Junior Circuit.

Her breakthrough was winning two bronze medals at the 2008 World Junior championships in Germany. Since, she has represented Australia at 2 Commonwealth Games (winning two bronze medals), 3 World Cups (bronze) and 2 world championships. She has been on Diving Australia's National Squad for over 6 years, Annabelle competed at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, claiming a bronze medal in the 3m synchronised springboard event.

James Connor - RDC Life Member

At 17, James Connor was the youngest male in the Australian diving team at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Connor contested the 10m platform after finishing second to Matthew Mitcham at the Australian nomination trials. In London, Connor finished 20th in the preliminary round and narrowly missed a berth in the semi-final.

In 2010 Connor was the youngest Australian male ever to compete in the 10m Platform at a Commonwealth Games when he finished ninth as a 15-year-old. James hopes to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Jaele Patrick - RDC Life Member

Jaele Patrick made her Olympic debut at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Competing in the 3m springboard event, Patrick was the final athlete to qualify for the semi-final after finishing 18th in the preliminaries. In the semi-final, Patrick repeated her tightrope act and qualified 11th out of the 12 athletes to make the final. She went on to finish 11th in the final with compatriot Sharleen Stratton fifth and China’s Minxia Wu claiming gold.

The dual 2010 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist took up a sports scholarship at Texas A&M University and beat the best divers in the US College system to win the NCAA Championship before earning her spot to compete at the London Games.

Grant Nel - RDC Life Member

Grant Nel is a bronze medallist for Australia at the 2010 and 2014 Commonwealth Games and hopes to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games.

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